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The “Sponsor A Dancer” initiative is an accessible fundraising campaign that allows our patrons to directly support the individual artists of Ballet North Texas. By sponsoring a dancer, you will directly support your artist’s salary, shoes, costumes, and wellness programs throughout the season.


Ballet North Texas has many volunteer opportunities throughout the year including, helping with productions both at front of theater and back stage, as well as opportunities to participate in fundraiser and special events. Volunteers play a major roll in making BNT's productions run smoothly.


If you are interested in volunteering with Ballet North Texas, please contact for more details and opportunities.


Made by hand with materials such as satin, glue, and leather, pointe shoes are constructed with extreme precision. One pair of pointe shoes can cost between $75 and $100. They are designed to break down and mold to the foot of a dancer allowing for those breathtaking moments we see on stage during BNT performances.

But they don’t last long. Some pairs only last a single performance; others at most, one week of rehearsals. That’s why each dancer spends nearly $2000 on pointe shoes each year.

From Sugar Plums extraordinary bourrées in The Nutcracker where she effortlessly glides across the stage, to the fierce execution required during the Kitri Variation during Don Quixote, your tax-deductible donation will keep BNT's dancers gracefully on their toes.

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