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Ballet North Texas is dedicated to enriching the North Texas community through exceptional performances, transformative dance training, and inclusive community education and outreach.


Pushing the boundaries of artistic excellence and innovation, Ballet North Texas celebrates the timeless beauty of classical masterpieces while nurturing the creativity of emerging choreographers. Our commitment to professional excellence is unwavering


Community and Education

Engaging with the community through accessible programs and meaningful partnerships, Ballet North Texas strives for inclusivity and equality. We foster a love for dance among underserved and special needs children, emphasizing its significance in education and life. We are dedicated to nurturing both aspiring dance artists and enthusiasts alike.

Structure and Audience
Enthralling a devoted and diverse audience, Ballet North Texas attracts top-tier dancers, choreographers, musicians, collaborative artists, staff, and volunteers. By strengthening our financial and organizational foundations, we ensure sustainable growth and expand our reach to new heights.

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