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2024 BNT



BNT II Student Company and 2024 Summer Intensive Auditions


Ballet North Texas Conservatory is actively seeking talented and classically trained male and female dancers to be a part of our student company, and summer training session. 

About BNT II:

Students invited to the Pre-Professional Division & BNT II concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry through an intensive, comprehensive program. Pre-Professional Division curriculum includes technique, pointe, variations, contemporary, modern, choreography, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique, Gyrotonics and seminars on such topics as nutrition, injury prevention and cross training. This program is designed to help students transition from student to professional dancer. Ballet North Texas Conservatory equips students with career planning by offering workshops and resources on resume writing and the audition/job search process, providing contacts for audition photos, and through individual counseling/conferences. Acceptance into the BNTC Pre-Professional Division insures multiple opportunities a year for students to dance roles in Ballet North Texas’ productions exempt from auditions for the specific production. Click HERE for more information about our BNT II Program. 

Application Details:

  • $25 Registration Fee 

  • Please bring a Head shot and 1st Arabesque photo

  • Students ages 10 - 22 are eligible to audition


  • In-Person Auditions:

    • Date: March 10, 2024 & April 14, 2024

    • Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

    • Location: 10675 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 2400 | Dallas, TX 75238


Why Ballet North Texas Conservatory Summer Training?:

Ballet North Texas Conservatory is striving to build a summer program in Dallas that brings in different instructors from all over the country. We value our students' training and want to give them the experience of training under other instructors, while being able to stay locally in Dallas.

Explore Our Trainee Program:

If you are 18 or older and interested in dancing with Ballet North Texas professionally you can discover more about our Trainee Program and the opportunities it provides for aspiring dancers: BNT Trainee Program.

We invite you to be a part of Ballet North Texas Conservatory and look forward to receiving your applications. For any additional inquiries, please reach out to us in February 2024 for information through our email:

Summer Sample Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change*


Conditioning | 10 - 11am

Technique | 11 - 12:30pm

Pointe | 1 - 2pm

Summer Staff


Technique | 10 - 12pm

Contemporary | 12:30 - 2pm


Conditioning | 10 - 11am

Technique | 11 - 12:30pm

Pointe | 1 - 2pm


Technique | 10 - 12pm

Contemporary | 12:30 - 2pm


Conditioning | 10 - 11am

Technique | 11 - 12:30pm

Pointe | 1 - 2pm

Francis Veyette


Ballet Instructor

June 10 - 14

Leslie Peck


Ballet Instructor

July 1 - 5

Dede Barfield


Ballet Instructor

June 24 - 28

Mackenzie Jones


Contemporary Instructor

June - July

Jennifer Milner


Ballet & Conditioning Instructor

June 17 - 21

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